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You’re great at what you do…

Why can’t you make the money your expertise deserves?

The truth is, the marketplace for your services is crowded, noisy and competitive. One of the biggest difficulties in an expertise-based business is being able to talk about yourself in a way that sets you apart from the competition. The same is true for professionals climbing the ranks in a company.

If you are not recognized as having invaluable and special expertise, you may be a replaceable commodity. If that weren’t scary enough consider this – commodities do not command premium fees and salaries. You will never be prosperous as a commodity. 

A Client Asks…

“I attend industry conferences, hand out tons of cards, advertise in trade journals, make follow-up phone calls, send out holiday greetings, spend a fortune on our company website, and still… customers are hard to come by. What’s wrong with my marketing?”


The reason your marketing is not effective is because your message is not effective. Successful experts don’t pitch – they teach. Successful experts don’t ask for the sale – they provide information that leaves the customer eager to hire them. Successful experts don’t compete on price – they provide a solution that is well worth the price.

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