50 Shades of Success

Last summer I quickly read “50 Shades of Grey” so I could be in-the-know and find out what all the fuss was about. The book isn’t great literature by any stretch, but it did highlight one primordial fact of life: “to each his own.”

Our own individual tastes, desires and ways of doing things run so strongly through us that, when we try to adapt to what others dictate as conformity, we lose something. I’m not saying everyone should run rampant doing whatever you want, driving whatever speed you want, disregarding the needs of others.

But I am saying that everytime you have to give in to something that’s just not “you,” a little piece of “you” gets compromised. Over time, lots of little pieces of us have gotten compromised; sometimes so much is lost that we may not even know our true selves anymore.

Understanding your core values, your core instincts, your core needs – is essential to your success. Find work that is in alliance with these. Find partners who are in alliance with these. Find friends who are in alliance with these. Find yourself, and you will find success.


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Linda is a coach, speaker and author who helps professionals shine!

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