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  • Mad or Sad: What’s Your Negative Go-To?

    When I work with clients, usually over the course of several months, I get to know them pretty well. I know what they think and how they feel. So I’ve noticed over the years that there are two primary patterns of emotional responses that people  turn to when things aren’t going their way: MAD or […]

  • How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

    Lately I’ve had a lot of calls from people who need help expanding their businesses. Whether they are small business owners or working in a firm of some sort, their request is the same: “I need to get our name out there. I want to bring in more business. I wish I could get more […]

  • How to Tap Into Your Spirit

    What is your spirit? Let’s call it your light, your “wholeness,” your sense of being, or sense of being connected to something larger than yourself. Your spirit is also something you trust completely. And, unfortunately, most of us do not have complete trust in our entire selves. We don’t trust that part of ourselves that […]

  • Can You Trust Your Gut Reaction?

    In a word, YES! But like most questions and answers, you may want to look a little deeper before you rely solely on just one piece of information. Your gut won’t steer you wrong, but it may impede rapid, direct progress. That’s because most gut reactions are rooted in negative emotions like uncertainty, fear, doubt, […]

  • How to Listen to Your Heart

    In a recent post I described the four inner reference points that help guide us like an internal compass: Heart, Gut, Spirit and MInd (see “Who Guides You”). Sometimes it can be difficult to really open up and listen to one of these reference points, especially the heart, which can get drowned out by strong […]

  • Mixing Business & Personal Lives…

    You see it everywhere: Our business and personal lives are more intertwined than ever, with virtual offices anywhere there is an internet connection, emails and text messages 24/7, client meetings at Starbucks, client phone calls from the lake shore! Mostly, I love it! And since recently publishing Just Ordinary Moms, a book of true stories […]

  • 5 Steps to Expert Status

    Expertise is not about your credentials or even your experience. Here’s all it takes to become a trusted and valued (and potentially wealthy) expert: 1. Understand what your customer is seeking. 2. Research every possible existing solution. 3. Prepare your unique, different, higher-value solution. 4. Distribute elements of your solution freely, and for free. 5. […]