Can a book change your life? These can!

How do you learn best? Do you want information? Stories? Questions to ponder?

These books offer all three. 50 Questions That Can Change Your Life asks insightful questions you may never have contemplated before, so that you can find answers that work ~ for you.

In Roadmap to Success, I have the enormous honor to be featured alongside success experts Steven Covey and Ken Blanchard, plus ten additional voices of experience, sharing wit and wisdom about how to achieve success.

Heartfelt true stories of struggle and success leap off the page in Smart Women Live Their ‘Why’ ~ a collection geared to help you understand why finding purpose and meaning in your life’s work truly matters. My chapter, entitled Become the CEO of Your Life, explores how to take charge of your life by reconnecting with your inner strengths.


When you are searching for something, there is infinite value in asking yourself the right questions. People love��50 Questions That Will Change Your Life for its simplicity and beauty, and also for the depth of insight gained from the questions inside. Available as instant download E-Book for $13.95

Linda Spevacek Roadmap

Fresh thinking combined with proven success strategies.����Discover your personal path to success, guided by an expert team of successful entrepreneurs, talented coaches, and experienced masters, right at your fingertips in this insightful and powerful book. Featuring Steven Covey and Ken Blanchard. Publisher’s Price $19.95


Do you love true stories? This fabulous book features 57 successful women entrepreneurs sharing their personal tales of glory and woe on their way to the top. You are sure to recognize yourself somewhere inside, as well as discover ideas and solutions to your own challenges. Publisher’s Price $27.00

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