Can You Trust Your Gut Reaction?

In a word, YES! But like most questions and answers, you may want to look a little deeper before you rely solely on just one piece of information. Your gut won’t steer you wrong, but it may impede rapid, direct progress. That’s because most gut reactions are rooted in negative emotions like uncertainty, fear, doubt, hesitation – all “Success Killers” guaranteed to slow you down if not stop you in your tracks completely.

If you are seeking to develop your four point internal compass as a reliable tool (read more about your internal compass in this post – Who Guides You?) remember that just like a heavy magnet can throw off a real compass, your gut can have a very strong negative pull that can cause misdirection within your internal compass.

In order to moderate a strong gut feeling, ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Do I feel disappointment due to my gut reaction? This is a sure-fire clue that your gut is in conflict with your heart. (Read more here – How to Listen to Your Heart.)
  2. Is my gut reaction grounded in legitimate concerns, or irrational fear and doubt? Ask your logical, rational mind to review this possibility.
  3. If I yield to this gut reaction, will I still feel a strong sense of being aligned and complete ? If not, you may be sacrificing your spirit to your gut! (The next post will cover How to Tap Into Your Spirit.)

Once you have measured a gut response against the other three compass points, you can decide whether to let it carry the day. Yes, you can trust your gut because it is there to protect you. Just make sure that you truly want total protection, or just a “heads up” so you can still move forward, despite any dangers.

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About the Author:

Linda is a coach, speaker and author who helps professionals shine!