How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

Lately I’ve had a lot of calls from people who need help expanding their businesses. Whether they are small business owners or working in a firm of some sort, their request is the same: “I need to get our name out there. I want to bring in more business. I wish I could get more recognition.”

And then come the downside concerns.  ”I’m not sure how long I can keep this thing going. Maybe I should be thinking about alternatives. I’m losing confidence in myself.”

And then finally the question: “What should I be doing?”

And after working with so many on solving this problem, I realized it’s not a matter of DOING. It’s a matter of BEING.

What people in business really need to succeed is this:

Transform from being “you” into “You, Inc.”™

You, Inc. means:

  • You see yourself, and present yourself, as a distinct business entity.
  • You know and control your brand, whether for your business or personally (even better, for both!).
  • You know what products and services to offer.
  • You’re attractive to potential partners, clients, and customers.
  • You’re confident in your pricing.
  • You’re comfortable closing the sale.
  • You’re able to expand your reach into profitable new arenas.

Imagine what could happen in your business world if you grew from “you” to “You, Inc.”

Would you show up more confidently in meetings or when networking?

Would you master the words to wrap around your unique brand?

Would you claim your place in your industry, proudly standing up to the competition?

Would you draw customers and partners and investors to you, as a business/business person they want to affiliate with?

Would you treat your business like a “real” business?

Would you communicate to your employer your true talents and expectations?

Would you go after that big promotion, that big sale, that incredible opportunity?

Be You, Inc. instead of just you, and discover how “being” instead of “doing” leads to more business, without all that busy-ness! It’s the shortcut to success, without having to try so hard.


About the Author:

Linda is a coach, speaker and author who helps professionals shine!