How to Tap Into Your Spirit

What is your spirit? Let’s call it your light, your “wholeness,” your sense of being, or sense of being connected to something larger than yourself.

Your spirit is also something you trust completely. And, unfortunately, most of us do not have complete trust in our entire selves. We don’t trust that part of ourselves that sometimes lets us down or is a perennial liar. And yet, even the most deflated, disappointed person has a spirit – that one part of you that shines no matter what. As long as the light is on, someone is home!

Tapping into spirit is not as difficult as it might sound. Really, you need only ask yourself one question:

Who is my trusted advisor? And then, put a name on it. For example,

My Conscience

My Self

My Light

My Center

My Core

My Spirit

My Inner Guide

just plain Me

If you have a trusted advisor outside yourself, like a diety, put a name on the place inside you that connects with your guide.

Your Heart, Mind or Gut may also serve double-duty and be named as an interpreter for your spirit. Spirt is very strong and will not be overwhelmed by another point of reference. Just know, when you made decisions, that your spirit is being represented and try to listen to what it is telling you.

If acknowledgement of spirit is just too vague or difficult to grasp, don’t worry. Your spirit is there, always working on your behalf, as one of your primary points of reference.

In the next post I will explain how to wrap your mind around the different influences of heart, gut and spirt in order to make the best possible decisions for yourself.


About the Author:

Linda is a coach, speaker and author who helps professionals shine!