Make Great Decisions Using Your 4-Point Compass Mindset

“I think, therefore I am,” is one of the most quoted philosophical statements of all time. And yet, most of us have other senses of “being” besides simply our thoughts. We feel soaring joy and searing pain in the heart, the strong grip of fear in the gut, and an almost undefinable lightness of consciousness from something I like to call spirit. Together with the mind, these senses make up the four reference points that guide our internal compass (Read more here – Who Guides You?).

Heart. Gut. Spirit. Mind. These are the four reference points for our internal compass – the one that guides us onto the right path, away from folly, and over the hills and dales of life’s difficult decisions. Making smarter decisions involves consciously evaluating these four reference points, testing them against each other for validity, choosing a direction, and then course-correcting when things go awry.

First, listen to your heart. Your heart knows your true North – your deepest desires. (Read more here: How to Listen to Your Heart.)

Next, take a gut-test. Your gut keeps you out of trouble. (Read more here: Can You Trust Your Gut? )

Third, check in with your spirit – your “aliveness.” Only you know where your spirit lives within you. (Read more here: How To Tap Into Your Spirit)

Finally, let your logical mind balance the advice of the other three, and choose a direction with confidence.

Making decisions may never be easy, but having points of reference certainly helps you zero in on the right choice.




About the Author:

Linda is a coach, speaker and author who helps professionals shine!