Mixing Business & Personal Lives…

You see it everywhere: Our business and personal lives are more intertwined than ever, with virtual offices anywhere there is an internet connection, emails and text messages 24/7, client meetings at Starbucks, client phone calls from the lake shore! Mostly, I love it!

Mixing Personal and Business Pursuits...

Mixing Personal and Business Pursuits…

And since recently publishing Just Ordinary Moms, a book of true stories about being a “Mom” with a group of seven other Moms who also have (or had) professional careers, I’ve been mixing business with personal pursuits more and more.

I believe the fact that we have multiple interests makes us more interesting, more productive, more “well-rounded” in terms of skills developed, and more effective at both personal and professional pursuits. Applying my business background and training to something as complex a book project has been remarkably helpful.

During almost every interview we’ve done for the book Just Ordinary Moms, we’ve been asked: How on earth could eight women possibly agree on anything? And how could you all be still getting along after working on something for three years? My answer – our business backgrounds. Not the fact that we are all mothers and can relate on that level, which is also true. But that doesn’t get a project done.

Business experience gave us everything we needed to get this done: A vision of what we wanted the book to be; a critical path analysis of our step-by-step plan; an understanding of return on investment and breakeven analysis; a methodology for reaching our target market; ideas for product line expansion; and most importantly – respect and listening and give and take during discussions that was more akin to a well-run business meeting than playgroup chit chat. Although we had plenty of laughs over those chatty moments as well! (That part is NOT like a business meeting. Hmmm, room for improvement in business meetings? A little levity occasionally? Just a thought.)

In any event, I am grateful to all my business cohorts past and present, as well as all my “Mommy” friends. You all mix together into my favorite lifetime cocktail called mixing business with personal interests.









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