Project: ME

When was the last time you focused on yourself ~
ONLY yourself?


You are doing your best, but your entire life is consumed with work, household obligations, and caring for others. There is precious little time for sleep and personal care, much less pursuing your dreams or even nurturing precious relationships.

Did you know that people who put themselves last ultimately LOSE earnings power over the years?

And did you know that people who never get to explore their creativity have reduced lifespans?

And now some good news:

Did you know that your chances for happiness INCREASE as you get older, especially when YOU make the decision to take control?

Don’t wait to “see what happens.” If you are putting yourself on hold until the kids go to school, or your promotion comes through, or your husband’s career takes off, or your parents don’t need you anymore… not only are you costing yourself big bucks, big satisfaction, and big happiness ~ you are also costing those most beloved to you. If you are incomplete, dissatisfied, constantly left yearning… you cannot be your best self for them either.

Stop sacrificing your future!
Take a short break and get it figured out!

Project: ME is a women’s day-and-a-half-long retreat held each spring in northern/central Connecticut (locations vary). During the retreat, we will:

  • Answer the question “What do I really want?”

  • Explore alternatives without risk or judgment

  • Teach you to how to engage your heart and spirit when making decisions

  • Allow you to focus on your needs ahead of all others, for once!

  • Bask in the friendship of other professional women at the retreat

If you would like to be notified as the plans for Project: ME are shaping up, please fill out the information box below.

LindaBlueI promise this retreat will be a “not-to-be-missed” fantabulous experience! So get on the notification list today. In the message box, tell me your single biggest hope for yourself this year. And don’t worry, your information will always remain confidential.