“Sell” is a 4 Letter Word!

Do you hate selling? Most people do. That’s because it feels “pushy and yucky and sales-y.”

And how do you think people feel about being “sold?” They hate it. They feel pitched and railroaded and they can’t get away fast enough!

So if we hate selling, and people hate to be sold, how do we share information about what we have to offer in a way that doesn’t feel sales-y?

Fortunately, there is an alternative. And it is designed to engage potential customers in way that makes them hungry for what you offer and put you front and center as the best person to help them.

But first, a story. Let’s say you are tired of winter right about now and want to plan a beach vacation. You go see a travel agent, who says… “I’ve been booking Caribbean vacations for fifteen years. I handle all the major airlines; I have this complicated data base to sift through all the various island options; just fill out this form and I will help you choose from hundreds of different resorts  -  some have snorkeling and some have horseback riding and some have kids’ camps and so on and on and on” and blah blah blah all about their expertise and experience.

You leave there unsatisfied, and go to another agent, who asks you a few questions about you and then says, “You’re going to love Fancy Resort on Secluded Island. It sits on a gorgeous cove with crystal clear turquoise water and sunshine filtering through the palm trees. You can do whatever you like any day, including simply sitting in a comfy beach chair while the handsome cabana boy brings you a fresh Pina Colada. What day would you like to depart?” SIGN ME UP! Just take my credit card NOW!

The second agent Took Me To The Beach, instead of telling me about their expertise getting people to the beach. I didn’t even ask what it was going to cost.

The #1 mistake I see business people making when trying to reach customers is talking about their credentials and experience and product features and blah blah blah instead of taking the client directly to the beach they desire. Your prospective client really doesn’t care about the process; they care about the outcomes. For them. Period. After they are swooning, you can reassure them with your credentials and everything else. But not at the beginning. Don’t make that mistake.

So here is a simple 5 Step Formula for people who hate selling. 

Step 1: Change Your Mindset. Understand that making a sale is not about you and your credentials. A sale is about taking the customer directly to the outcomes they are desperate to achieve. People are not looking for something to buy ~ they are looking for a solution to a problem that is causing them personal angst. You are there to help, not sell.

Step 2: Know Your Beach! Express your products and services in a way that turns them into the “beach” your customer wants to get to.

Step 3: Discover Their Hunger. Discover exactly what outcomes your client is so hungry for they will pay top dollar to achieve it. Knowing what is in your customer’s head is worth absolute gold, and there are very specific ways to find out.

Step 4: Find your UPC Code (Unique Point of Connection). All you need is to understand the one trigger point that will send your prospective client over the edge, begging for you to take them on and solve their problem. That’s your Unique Point of Connection.

Step 5: Invite them to your Beach! When you issue an invitation to something they are craving, there is no longer any selling involved. Take it further by understanding which emotional triggers will appeal to them the most.

Master this 5 Step Formula and you will never have to feel “pushy” or “yucky” or “sales-y” again, and the people you talk to won’t feel “sold.” In fact, they will likely thank you for helping them! And that feels great.


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  • Stop getting stopped by fear, doubt, procrastination, misdirection, overwhelm and other Success Killers
  • Master the art of sharing what you do without having to “sell” so you can stop being the best kept secret in your field
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About the Author:

Linda is a coach, speaker and author who helps professionals shine!