Who Guides You? Others? Or Your Own Inner Compass?

Often we are so bombarded with external stimulus and advice that we forget how to listen to our own inner guidance.

Your internal compass contains four reference points: Heart, Gut, Mind and Spirit. Just as with a compass, the arrow can only point you in one direction at a time. So how do you know you are truly headed in the right direction, when all four reference points matter?

My suggestion is you take a “reading” from each point of reference, then decide which one you will let dominate your decision. Dominate doesn’t mean overwhelm – it simply means you will let one of the reference points lead. The others will still have an impact.

Just as we often say “North, South, East, West” – take your readings in this order: Heart, Gut, Spirit and Mind. Mind goes last because it has the ability to process the input from all the rest. The Mind also has the capacity to take over and undermine the other reference points, so make sure you thoroughly explore the other three, before you finally move to a decision.

photo credit: Steve Snodgras


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